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Fitness 4 All was founded in 2008 by Keith and Michelle Zoeller with a vision of changing lives.

Keith is a well-known leader in the fitness industry with over 30 years of experience.


 “I thrive on helping anyone from professional athletes to those who are in need of a jump start
to achieve their fitness goals. Actually, we make whatever client we are training hit the goals
they didn’t think they could achieve. We show them how to be healthy in the best possible way.
This just comes naturally - to teach others.


I have helped hundreds of kids achieve scholarships and have had 5 make it to the professional
level.  I have helped thousands of people obtain their fitness goals whether it was to lose
weight, gain weight, rehab after injury, strengthen, increase speed and mobility, and even compete
in the professional arena. I fell in love with changing lives and have been blessed with the
opportunity to be a part of helping thousands of people achieve their goals.  I am looking
forward to helping thousands more.”


Fitness 4 All is a community of like-minded people who focus on helping each other stay healthy. You feel the difference the moment you walk through our doors.  At Fitness 4 All, you are greeted by our front desk staff and you see it in our members who are focused and determined. The excitement, expectation, commitment, and enthusiasm is all there to help you achieve your best!


If you are an athlete, we have the resources – specialized skills trainers in football, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, track, lacrosse, and more. We develop talent and we focus on the details: more coachable, less injuries, motivation, and building confidence.


Our fitness centers offer the best in personal training, cardio equipment, free weights, circuit machines, classes and much more. We care about your total body: physical, mental, nutrition and more importantly how you feel!


We invite you to join our Fitness 4 All community!!

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