Fitness 4 All offers various personal and group training classes for aspiring and/or current elite athletes that want to get to the next level. We use our LINKed Based Training principal to LINK the mind with the muscle to make a connection, then incorporate the knowledge and education of our trainers to create discipline and ultimately achieve RESULTS!  This means that each athlete is assessed individually for strength and weaknesses.  Our goal is to isolate and improve muscles/muscle groups that may not be firing correctly therefore, preventing injury and creating a different response from the body.  Whether your athlete wants to hit farther, improve speed, or increase a vertical jump we are the expert and have the athlete testimonials to prove it!


“I have finally been able to use my glutes and my hips with flexibility and strength.  They were weak and inflexible.  In 3 weeks I am starting to move better, more efficiently.  I can see it in my swing and the way I throw.  I can hit the ball harder and farther.  Keith, Dave, and the rest of the staff at Fitness 4 All have pushed me to my limits and it’s been great work and I am loving every second.”

Jase Bowen

Pittsburgh Pirates, Baseball

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This group class is targeted towards elementary and middle school boys and girls looking focuses on hand-eye coordination, improving overall acceleration, and the ability to move laterally across the field. Speed and Agility is a great way for kids to improve their movement pattern, while competing and having fun.

Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday


Our non-contact Football Academy for 3rd-6th graders will focus on football skills, learning how to activate and engage key muscle groups to increase power, and learn movement patterns while competing and having fun.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday


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